Graffiti LT

Some is art some is damage.

Through My Window: Lithuania II

It was a foggy Sunday morning at my father’s place in Alytus town in the Southern part of Lithuania . . .

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik VI: White Living Room vs Dark Living Room

The first changes in my Reykjavik project came almost right after I have submitted my project. First request from the husband even with his wife away and had not seen the final project was to make living room all white. I doubt that his wife would like it in all white and I believe that … Continue reading

Eye In The Sky

One of those moments then words are useless. Amazed by its dignity I was contemplating the moment that brought some memories. Do you remember it? What was you listening to when you was fourteen?

There Was Summer In Iceland Too

Elin’s birthday week we spent in Iceland. We have missed most of flowers this summer but there were still some in bloom. Elin have got bicycle and we were going for a walk/ride few times a day. There were only big stones near the walk  she needed to climb on that were taking her from … Continue reading

More Vintage: Wooden Abacus

I found this when I went to the storage room for something from my old stuff. My father could not remember from where did he get it. I remember myself being obsessed with wooden abacus for some short time in the Academy of Arts – I even had written one futuristic essay about it for … Continue reading

Lithuanian Food And Some Flovers

We love flowers. And there are some food and sweets that we like here in Lithuanian. Here you can see traditional Lithuanian cookies that are quite complicated to make. These “mushrooms” are backed in a special two-sides iron-casted pan and decorated with chocolate dipping and sugar icing. It is totally hand made and takes lots … Continue reading

Through My Window: Lithuania

I am still in Lithuania working on my project. I promise I will tell all about it soon! While working on my “Through My Window” project I felt like I had developed the habit to stay longer near the window and observe change of view there. Here you can see some photos from my stays … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 32

Here are two photos through my window I did before I left to Lithuania again. Above is Monday, 2012-08-06 19.32 Here is Tuesday, 2012-08-07 16.56: Just to fill the gap here are few more interesting photos through my window from the autumn 2011:

Lithuanian Forest

One day on our vacations in Lithuania we had a walk in the forest. It was one of those hot sunny days around +30°C (86°F). Nonetheless the travelers were happy as always in the forest.