Iceland Independence Day and Icelandic Nacional Costume

It was a holiday on Monday in Iceland – Iceland Independence Day and we spent almost all the day downtown Reykjavik, participating in the parade, listening to the concert, relaxing on the grass (though it was just around  +10° C (50° F), cloudy and showers sometimes), eating candy floss and jumping the inflatable castles. Some … Continue reading

Bjúgnakrækir And Some Christmas Sewing

Bjúgnakrækir or Sausage-Swiper came last night! He is steeling sausages that are hanged for smoking. In all schools and kindergartens in Iceland there are Icelandic sausages – bjugas served for lunch today. Kids love it and it makes Bjúgnakrækir one of the most beloved Yule Lads. Here is the costume of monkey that I made … Continue reading

Denim Christmas

One more recycled jeans project finished. Owl family was first, now recycled denim garlands. I love denim color in general. These garlands are easy to make and turn into cozy Christmas decoration just with few white crocheted ornaments. You can make it yourself or buy it in my Etsy shop. This one is very easy … Continue reading

The Family Of Owls

One more handcrafted project is over and on the way to my Etsy shop! This is a whole family of owls out of recycled jeans with crocheted details. A perfect gift or decoration for home. This one was made first and belongs to my daughter: This is a sneak peek to the Christmas decoration project … Continue reading

About Two Stubborn Goats

There is a story about two stubborn goats that met on the narrow bridge and were not willing to let the other first. They were arguing with each other so hard that they felt into the river. I found a short poem of Lithuanian writer and made a puppet show for Lithuanian Sunday school. There … Continue reading

Gedda The Carrot

Getta The Carrot one of the characters from the new Icelandic children musical movie “Ávaxtakarfan” (“The Basket of Fruits”). It is a colorful story about friendship and living in the society. After we went to see it with my daughter she asked me if I could make her a backpack as Getta The Carrot had. … Continue reading

The Pillow Creature’n Co

My daughter started in the new kindergarten that is closer to home. There kids need to bring their own pillows and blankets for a day nap. I made these for may girl. The colors and patterns are as my daughter told me she wants it with a very few improvements from me. The Pillow Creature … Continue reading

Chrocheting Orders

I was busy working on few crocheting orders. Do you remember the canvas bag above ? I have sold it at the crafts market of Fest Of Nations. A girlfriend of happy customer also wanted the same one  so the twin brother of sold one is ready too. I had some ides for small bags … Continue reading

I Pretend I Am A . . . Fashion Designer Vol. I, II, III / Apsimesiu, kad esu . . . drabužių dizainerė, I – III dalis

Hi there everybody! It seems that I am behind with my project . . . Oh yeah I am! I am not an excuse person but I promised the updates and did not deliver. Well I had a terrible stomach disorder earlier this week and just started to get well today. I kept on publishing … Continue reading

Progress In Daughter’s Room / Progresas vaikų kambary

    This is how Elin’s room looked one year ago. She was two and still sleeping in our bedroom. In the room there still is a build-in oak finished wardrobe, old leather sofa, white cupboard and commode (used to have a changing table on it) from some Danish children furniture company that I do … Continue reading