Last Minute Decorating Ideas

Need few simple ideas to decorate your New Year’s party? Here you are! Cozy up your New Year’s Day morning: Have a creative year 2013! Advertisements

Advent Candles Decoration

Here are some ideas for Advent and Christmas decoration. Christmas decoration for me is green, red and white colors, tangerines, candles, Christmas tree and ginger cookies and many many more. I will keep on posting my ideas for Holiday decoration until Christmas. For this decoration I used red plastic flower pots: one filled with tangerines … Continue reading

The Family Of Owls

One more handcrafted project is over and on the way to my Etsy shop! This is a whole family of owls out of recycled jeans with crocheted details. A perfect gift or decoration for home. This one was made first and belongs to my daughter: This is a sneak peek to the Christmas decoration project … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik VII:Master Bedroom

It happened that I forgot to post about the interior of master bedroom in my Reykjavik project. Above you can see the moodboard for the master bedroom. Here go the pictures: All the furniture, lamps and textiles from IKEA.

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik VI: White Living Room vs Dark Living Room

The first changes in my Reykjavik project came almost right after I have submitted my project. First request from the husband even with his wife away and had not seen the final project was to make living room all white. I doubt that his wife would like it in all white and I believe that … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik V

Here are some updates on my Reykjavik project. I have finished all the designing work on it before I went on vacations. It is in the stage of execution now. Here are drawings for the kitchen. The kitchen area is small. Here how it looks now: The clients need lots of space for storage. I … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik IV

I have already finished all the primary designing works on the apartment. Some parts of it are already under execution, some are in the process of discussion with the clients, changes and acceptance . This time I will show you the living room. Some pictures before: Few pictures from the project:

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik III

Today I will show the drawings for the sitting room in the apartment that I am working on now. The sitting room is in the center of the apartment and is a good space for kids to play while mother is busy in the kitchen, for a quick chat with a neighbor, a spot where … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik II

Do you still remember the post about my interior design project some time ago? I am still working on it. Today I will show you the projects of the children bedrooms. There are three kids in this family: a girl – she is the oldest and two younger boys. The youngest boy is a baby … Continue reading