Happy Birthday, Elín! / Su Gimtadieniu, Elín!

Grow big, be joyful and healthy, always happy and in good mood! Stay as you are: beautiful, smart and cute. You are my wonderful girl! Happy Birthday my precious daughter! Auk didutė, būk linksma ir sveika, visad laiminga ir geros nuotaikos! Būk visados, kokia esi dabar: graži, miela ir protinga. Tu visada būsi mano stebuklinga … Continue reading

+ 2 tsp cocoa / Plius du arbatos šaukšteliai kakavos

Add 2 teaspoons of cocoa to a dough of coconut rolls and here you are – cocoa coconut balls. Enjoy! Į kokoso rutuliukų masę įdėkit 2 arbatinius šaukštelius kakavos. Kokoso-kakavos rutuliukai – skanaus!

Walks In The Botanical Garden / Pasivaikščiojimai botanikos sode

One of our beloved places for a walk is the Botanical garden in Reykjavik. You can have a look at Hepatica and snowdrops in spring; sit on the grass and smell the flowers in summer; gather leaves in autumn; find a place for a walk sheltered from the wind and feed ducks and geese. Viena … Continue reading

Coconut Balls / Kokosiniai rutuliukai

I made coconut balls today. Healthy and tasty. Fast easy and not cooked. Take (~20 balls): 80 g.  rolled oats (oatmeal); 40 g.  coconut shavings; 2 tbsp. brown sugar (Muscovado sugar is better); 80 g. butter; 3 tbsp. milk; 4-5 tbsp. coconut shaving (for coating). Soften the butter, add oatmeal, coconut shavings, brown sugar and … Continue reading

Walking In The Forest / Pasivaikščiojimas miške

Yesterday me and my daughter went for a walk to the forest. It is one of our favorite places for walking, because there we can see rabbits (there are lots of rabbits that were brought to Iceland and became wild). We were watching birds and gathering flowers. We saw cowberries, that were still green. My … Continue reading

”Blóm í Bæ” in Hveragerði

On Sunday we went to Hveragerði, a small town about 30 km away from Reykjavik. They have a festival “Blóm í Bæ“(Flovers in Town) every year there. Music, flowers, flover sculptures, baloons, carouselles and fun all around the town for all the family! A boul of soup for everyone in the houses of inhabitans of … Continue reading