Happy Birthday, Elín! / Su Gimtadieniu, Elin!

Happy Birthday, my little angel! Su Gimtadieniu, dukryte! Advertisements

Birthday Dress Ready! / Suknelė Gimtadieniui paruošta!

We have bought this dress on sale. A very beautiful pink dress with a balloon-type skirt. The most important think was that my daughter liked it! She is so picky about clothes! But there was still something missing in this dress . . . Too plane? So I have improved it a little. And my … Continue reading

Collage cards / Koliažinės atvirutės

Since my little wonder refused to have a day nap two days ago I almost have no time for crafts and blogging. Anyway, there are the card that I have made during our workshop on the floor. I like them so much. Looking forward to make some more whenever I will find some time for … Continue reading

Table Decorating Ideas / Stalo papuošimo idėja

Just some ideas for table decoration for dinner. I used wild thyme, camomile, chervil. Kelios idėjos stalo papuošimui iškilmingiems pietums ar vakarienei. Naudojau čiobrelius, ramunes, builio lapus.    

Napkin Rings – Finished / Pabaigtas servetėlių žiedų komplektas

I just finished a set of 6 napkin rings. Servetėlių žiedų komplektas pabaigtas!

Sewing Project: Caps / Siuvu skareles

I made two caps for my daughter. I sewed them out of my old T-shirts. This type of head-wear is very popular among kids in Iceland. Worn both by girls and boys usually they are with pictures of different cartoon characters or other patterns. I made it more “girly” – with flowers. The most important, … Continue reading

Moving The Workplaces / Darbo vietų pakeitimas

Finally summer! It must be funny to hear that to you, but that how it is in Iceland. Last three weeks it have been really good weather here. It is +15 °C(59 °F) –  very warm (it is really warm!)for Icelandic summer, sunny. The windows are opened all the day through, I am walking in … Continue reading

Farm And Old Summer-House In Borgarnes Area / Ūkis ir senas vasarnamis Borgarnes apylinkėse

Yesterday we went to Tjorvi’s sisters farm to pick up some climbing-sliding toys for our daughter.     There was this old summer-house near there. Sun was slowly going down. Long shadows beautiful light. Amazing!            

Lithuanian Rye Meal Cake / Lietuviškas ruginis tortas

I was backing the Lithuanian cake from the cooking book of the year 1983! It was like a cake we were buying in grocery stores in my childhood! Just much better, because it was home backed. Though it was good I am not going to bake it again. I was just very curious to try … Continue reading

Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach – Recommended / Nauthólsvík geoterminis paplūdimys – rekomenduoju

In sunny summer day in Reykjavik is so good to go to the beach. Yes! There is Nautholsvik geothermal beach just here in Reykjavik, between new university building and Reykjavik airport. You will find heated water pools, sand brought from Morocco, coffee and snacks, even sand toys for kids. Lovely! Just it is a pity … Continue reading