A cake in the cup

Sometimes late at night or on a short brake while writing suddenly I get an unbearable craving. For something sweet. With a chocolate. Like a cake. Then usually I bake the cake in a cup. I found this recipe  long time ago in a blog of one Lithuanian couple living in Australia. I could not … Continue reading

Happy Birthday For My Little Monkey!

My daughter turned five yesterday! We had a very good day: decorating the cake, baking mini-pizzas together, went to the movie. The recipe of the cake I will post later.

Here Comes The Cake!

And here comes the cake! As I promised this is it! I did not manage to take a proper photo because all the guests we at rush to be finished with dessert and go watching a very important handball game. This is how I made the cake. Take the recipe of the best chocolate sponge … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day And Birthday!

Happy Father’s Day for those that are celebrating! Here in Iceland there is no Father’s Day celebrated. It is the first Sunday in June in Lithuania. But there is another reason for today’s celebration at our place: my daughter’s father has his birthday! Happy birthday Tjorvi! (I will post the photo of the cake later … Continue reading

The Children Of Summer

Both Tjorvi and my daughter Elin are born in summer. I made cakes and decorated the house a little. We had gatherings of Tjorvi’s family for both occasions. Both times everything was so in hurry: first time it was just before me and Elin left to Lithuania, second – just after we came back for … Continue reading

Easy Yummy Yummy Sponge Cake / Lengvai iškepamas biskvitinis pyragas

This is the recipe of Yummy Creamy Sponge Cake With Berries Sponge: 4 egg 150 g castor sugar 100 g wheat flour 50 gr potato  starch 1 1/2 baking powder Whip sugar and eggs well, sift in wheat flour, starch and baking powder and mix well. Take a 25 cm diameter (~10″) spring-form pan, grease … Continue reading

Lithuanian Rye Meal Cake / Lietuviškas ruginis tortas

I was backing the Lithuanian cake from the cooking book of the year 1983! It was like a cake we were buying in grocery stores in my childhood! Just much better, because it was home backed. Though it was good I am not going to bake it again. I was just very curious to try … Continue reading

Rhubarb jam / Rabarbarų uogienė

Rhubarb. I even do not know whether it is a vegetable or fruit – Wikipedia calls it “plant”. I remember from childhood rhubarb being eaten in the spring for abundance of vitamins. Then everybody learned that there is an oxalic acid in these plants and people stopped growing and using them so much. Much later … Continue reading