Progress In My Kitchen Garden / Pasikeitimai darže

My garden is getting green!  Ok, ok, it is more an educational project for my daughter to see how the seed is changing into the plant 🙂 Mano daržas žaliuoja! Gerai jau gerai, tai daugiau lavinantis projektas mano dukrai, pamatyti, kaip sėkla pavirsta į augalą 🙂  

Morocco Findings / Maroko radiniai

I forgot to tell that I have finally rented my apartment in Vilnius. Before that I was making order there and packing my stuff. I found many things I forgot I have ever had! One of these findings was my cure and spices that I have brought from my trip to Morocco in 2007. It … Continue reading

Garden On My Kitchen Table / Daržas ant virtuvės stalo

I love salat and fresh spice herbs.  This year as well as the last I decided to grow some salad myself. I have no place for pots in my house so it ended up with two bowls of cress salad and white mustard. I tried to sow it on the wet kitchen towel and cotton … Continue reading

The Day Of Hearths / Širdelių diena

I wish a happy and cozy Valentine’s Day for all of you! For me it is the one more occasion to decorate the house, make cookies and some crafts with kids. And a night of romantic movies after all. I was baking heart-shaped cookies last night. Those tasty cookies are from there: And these … Continue reading

Rainy Night In Reykjavík / Lietinga naktis Reikjavike

Girls from Lithuanian – Icelandic society had a gathering downtown Reykjavik. Aurelija was teaching us how to make different ornaments for jewellery out of polymer clay. It was fun and very interesting. Aurelija is a great master making stuff out of polymer dough. There is so many things more that she creates so well. Since … Continue reading

Elín Is Drawing / Elin piešia

I said to myself not to write about children here. But I am just ordinary proud mother. My daughter likes to draw. She likes to paint even more. The equally pleasant part is bathing after painting 🙂 Prižadėjau sau čia nerašyti apie vaikus. Bet aš tik paprasta mama, besididžiuojanti savo dukra. Elin mėgsta piešti. Dar … Continue reading

Books Again! / Vėl knygos !

Iceland is a small country and there are not many readers here. So basically all the books are published before Christmas. The sales of books start after Christmas too. I have already managed to visit some sale markets and grab few good books on sale. Funny but it is true that you can buy good … Continue reading

Icelandic Yule Lads III and My Christmas Culinary Discoveries / Islandų Seniai Šalčiai ir mano kalėdiniai kulinariniai atradimai

January is over. February started. It is almost one and a half month since Christmas and my last Christmas article is not finished since then. And there were so many things  left to share and show for the next Christmas. I am not going to make any excuses just want to show the rest of … Continue reading