Another Puppet Theater: “Jūratė and Kastytis”

There is an ancient Lithuanian legend about how the amber appeared: once upon a time there was a young fisher Kastytis that lived near the Baltic sea. Once he was fishing in the sea and met the see goddess Jūratė and they felt in love with each other. Jūratė invited Kastytis to her Amber castle deep … Continue reading

I Am Back!

Long time no see! Again! I am back from my trips – Vilnius project is over. I came back so tired and with a heavy cold. I am finally recovered and sorting the photos to be shown. It is autumn and all the direct flights to Vilnius are over so it took me three planes … Continue reading

Autumn Is Here

Summer is gone suddenly. I am back home after I have spent almost two months in Lithuania this summer working on the new project. Usually I always fall into light depression after I come back from Lithuania but not this time: there is no time for that. There are  more activities starting  in Lithuanian Community … Continue reading

Busy Summer Life

Summer finally started in Iceland. In my Lithuanian measures. It is very sunny , no wind, +12-14°C ( app. 53-57°F) and it is really warm. It is something special about Icelandic climate: winters are not cold (it is very rear to have more than -10°C (14°F) and you never feel that cold), summers also not … Continue reading

Birthday Gifts

Here I want to tell you about my Birthday gifts. Have I ever told you that I can not get enough of good books? It is true even it is so yesterday though (in this century of everything e- and on-line !). Books are the best gifts for me. The biggest gift (literally!) was the … Continue reading

Books Again! / Vėl knygos !

Iceland is a small country and there are not many readers here. So basically all the books are published before Christmas. The sales of books start after Christmas too. I have already managed to visit some sale markets and grab few good books on sale. Funny but it is true that you can buy good … Continue reading

Books books ! / Knygos !

I have got few new books ! There is a sale in Edda publishing house due to they are moving to another place. I have bought a book about Thai food and few “books of inspiration”. “Books of inspiration” I call books with nice photos and ideas.  Ussualy I never read all the text there. … Continue reading