Gift Wrap Ideas

No no no, it is not Christmas yet. Second year in a row I send Christmas gifts to my sister and her son in summer when I am on vacations in Lithuania. My sister lives in States. I live in Iceland. Every year in summer me and my daughter go to Lithuania for vacations. There … Continue reading

House in the North

A while ago we were visiting a town of Akureyri in the Northern part of Iceland. There is a famous Christmas house there but I am not going to talk about it now (you can google it). I loved the house of the design gift shop next to the Christmas shop. I loved the decorations … Continue reading

Wall Paper Deco. Ideas for Christmas Decoration

Few months ago my daughter became very interested in paper cutting and we had quite a collection of beautiful snowflakes of all colors and shape. I love paper cutting too. We decided not to hide this beauty rather to display it on the wall in my daughter’s room. We fixed the decorations to the wall … Continue reading

For The Better Year!

In between making marzipan and chocolate goodies for tomorrow’s celebration, reading pavlova’s recipe, making lemon curd and paying the last taxes, I would like to stop and thank you all for being with me one more wonderful year! Thanks for following, awarding my blog (I appreciate it very much despite of all!), commenting and just … Continue reading

Christmas: Decorating Around The House

Christmas is coming and finally I started to decorate around the house. To get into the Christmas mood I have already baked first batch of Lithuanian Christmas cookies (you can find the recipe here). Then I have bought a bunch of fir branches and started to think what to do with it. First I used … Continue reading

Christmas Cards 2013

  So this it it: my this year’s Christmas cards. I called it “The Angel of Everyday Rush”. Dedicated to all my loved ones and all the busy bees I know. Happy Waiting for the Miracle 🙂    

Winter Garden in Christmas Colors

I am still too busy to start decorating for Christmas. At least I have got a herb garden in festive colors. It is not totally true about Christmas: I was forced to do something for my friend and family that live overseas. It is the deadline for cards and packages to be sent to reach … Continue reading

Kertasníkir Came Last Night! Happy Christmas!

Kertasníkir or Candle Stealer came last night! He is stealing candles from the children. This is the last of the brothers trolls. Today, the 24th of December, 6. p. m. Christmas is coming to Iceland. Today we wish each other Gleðileg Jól (Happy Christmas!) and eat Christmas dinner. Then we open our Christmas gifts under … Continue reading

Ketkrókur Came Last Night!

Ketkrókur or Meat-Hook came! He is steeling hangikjöt (the Icelandic smoked lamb) using a long hook.

Gáttaþefur Came Last Night!

Gáttaþefur or Doorway-Sniffer came! He has a big nose and always is sniffing around the door to find the place where laufabrauð is.  Laufabrauð is a traditional Icelandic Christmas bread – flat and rounded, decorated with cut ornaments. My in-laws are gathering tomorrow to cut  laufabrauð. Usually it is done earlier but it seams everybody were … Continue reading