Christmas: Decorating Around The House


Christmas is coming and finally I started to decorate around the house. To get into the Christmas mood I have already baked first batch of Lithuanian Christmas cookies (you can find the recipe here). Then I have bought a bunch of fir branches and started to think what to do with it. First I used few twigs to decorate my daughter’s room:



Those two pots on the left are what left out of this year’s Christmas calendar: there was a full one with home wrapped chocolates with day numbers on wrapping and another with empty packages. Also you can see the figures of Icelandic Yule Lads, that are coming before Christmas, each with a small gift for the shoe.


Speaking of the shoe:


Here is a picture of our Advent centerpiece. Quite modest this year:




I have also set up the Christmas Village and Christmas train as the last year. The entrance area looks also as last Christmas.

Up to decorate the fire place and to hang Christmas wreaths.


2 Responses to “Christmas: Decorating Around The House”
  1. Love the candles and the star. The whole set-up looks great. In Germany we use shoes too!

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