Advent Candles Decoration

Here are some ideas for Advent and Christmas decoration. Christmas decoration for me is green, red and white colors, tangerines, candles, Christmas tree and ginger cookies and many many more. I will keep on posting my ideas for Holiday decoration until Christmas. For this decoration I used red plastic flower pots: one filled with tangerines … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 47

It is winter in Iceland. Here are my pictures through the window from the last week: Above is Monday, 2012-11-19 10.25. Tuesday, 2012-11-20 17.14. Well I forgot it  . . . Wednesday, 2012-11-21 13.02: Thursday, 2012-11-22 13.18: Friday, 2012-11-23 10.35: I forgot to take a picture on Saturday. Sunday, 2012-11-25 16.04: See you here next … Continue reading

Denim Christmas

One more recycled jeans project finished. Owl family was first, now recycled denim garlands. I love denim color in general. These garlands are easy to make and turn into cozy Christmas decoration just with few white crocheted ornaments. You can make it yourself or buy it in my Etsy shop. This one is very easy … Continue reading

The Family Of Owls

One more handcrafted project is over and on the way to my Etsy shop! This is a whole family of owls out of recycled jeans with crocheted details. A perfect gift or decoration for home. This one was made first and belongs to my daughter: This is a sneak peek to the Christmas decoration project … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 46

Here come the pictures from the last week! Above is Monday, 2012-11-12 16.31. Tuesday, 2012-11-13 10.46: Wednesday, 2012-11-14 9.25: Thursday, 2012-11-15 14.28: Friday, 2012-11-16 10.02. . .  and the winter started: Saturday, 2012-11-17 15.02: Sunday, 2012-11-18 15.22. Still winter:  

I have been knitting . . .

All my knitting is going long: it takes some time to finish a piece. Probably it is because of the other 4-5 project running at the same time. I can not help it – that is who I am. So the dress is finished. I love to design the clothes even if I must admit … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 45

Here are my pictures through the window of the last week. I missed Monday. Above is Tuesday, 2012-11-06 10.05 Wednesday, 2012-11-07 14.01: Thursday, 2012-11-08 14.39: Friday, 2012-11-09 13.37: Saturday, 2012-11-10 9.38: Sunday, 2012-11-11 11.47: See you here next week!

The Colors Of Late Fall

It is officially winter now in Iceland: there was The First Day of Winter traditionally celebrated with eating lamb meet soup over a week ago. It is a late fall for me still. I must confess having difficulties explaining seasons to my daughter because we had four seasons in Lithuania and here in Iceland there … Continue reading

Stormy Day in Seltjarnarnes

It was quite windy here in Iceland last weekend. While Facebook was stuffed with pictures like this I took these pictures  passing by Seltjarnarnes – on of the seven towns that makes Reykjavik Capital Area. Seltjarnarnes is in the very end of Reykjavik peninsula. The wind and ocean waves were very strong there. I was … Continue reading

Another Puppet Theater: “Jūratė and Kastytis”

There is an ancient Lithuanian legend about how the amber appeared: once upon a time there was a young fisher Kastytis that lived near the Baltic sea. Once he was fishing in the sea and met the see goddess Jūratė and they felt in love with each other. Jūratė invited Kastytis to her Amber castle deep … Continue reading