Crocheted Flowers / Nertos gėlės

I was crocheting again. Actually I was crocheting all the time! All kinds of flowers: brooches, headbands, necklace. Here they are: Nunėriau dar keletą gražių dalykų. Tai gėlės-sagės, gėlės ant lankelių plaukams, gėlės-kaklo papuošalai: Brown broosh: / Ruda sagė: Turkoise broosh: / Turkio spalvos sagė: Yellow broosh – special order: / Geltona sagė – specialus … Continue reading

Sometimes I Am Sewing / O kartais aš siuvu

Yes, sometimes I am sewing. This was a hat made out of old jeans of mine for my daughter. There was a Hats day in kindergarten and she needed one. This is what I made. Telling the truth she refused to wear it that day. Just later she started to wear it at home while … Continue reading

Shy Spring / Nedrasus pavasaris

Or it is summer already? But it is coming! Here in Iceland it is late. In Iceland they celebrate First Day Of Summer. It is in the middle of spring. And than the winter comes in the middle of autumn. So it is summer now in Iceland. Coltsfoot and dandelions are in bloom, lupins are … Continue reading

Spring! / Pavasaris!

It is spring finally! Just last Sunday it was lots of snow and we made a biggest snowman this winter : Pagaliau pavasaris! Tik praeitą sekmadienį buvo daug sniego ir mes nulipdėme didžiausią šiais metais sniego senį: Sunday afternoon it already looked like that: Sekmadienio popietę senis jau atrodė taip: The next day it was … Continue reading