Gift Wrap Ideas

No no no, it is not Christmas yet. Second year in a row I send Christmas gifts to my sister and her son in summer when I am on vacations in Lithuania. My sister lives in States. I live in Iceland. Every year in summer me and my daughter go to Lithuania for vacations. There … Continue reading

Package Design I Liked IV: Icelandic Sea Salt Package

Loved this sea salt package design, especially the unexpected orange color inside. Well, maybe not so unexpected. There are details in orange on the outside of the package.

Everyday Design Tips

I am so amazed how many interesting design discoveries you can make just looking around! I would like to share some of them with you today. Fist think that you see above is a hand made package for soft drinks from Mexico. Street salesmen that are selling soft drinks usually offer them not in glasses … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day To My Friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day my dearest friends! Have a cozy, creative and romantic evening! Here are some late Valentine’s Day crafts:

Package Designs I Like III/ Įpakavimo dizainas: tai, kas man patinka III

There are so many people who know this package so well. You know how it happens: suddenly thinks just appear like in different light. Like you have never seen them before. I have always seen the chocolate inside not the package.  Suddenly this box appear to me as an ideal wrap to those tiny delicate … Continue reading

Package Designs I Like II/ Įpakavimo dizainas: tai, kas man patinka II

I like coffee. If coffee is good the package does not matter that much. If coffee is bad the package does not help to make it better. But there is a double pleasure: good coffee in a pretty package. Kaffitár is one of local coffee brands in Iceland with the most beautiful coffee logo and … Continue reading

Package Designs I Like / Įpakavimo dizainas: tai, kas man patinka

There are few designs of packages that I liked recently. Heimilis jógúrt (Home yoghurt) is a good example of Icelandic package design. Heimilis jógúrt is an inexpensive yoghurt that appeared on the diary market a month ago. Co-operative liquid soap plastic bottle is a sample of good design for a range of inexpensive goods. Babycoccolo … Continue reading