Every little nation has their ONE big artist. Icelanders have Kjarval. Once it happen to be both painter and composer he becomes a legend.  Lithuanians have M.K.Č – Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. He was born 1875 and died young at the age 36. His original music pieces were created under influence of Chopin and other Romantics … Continue reading

Let’s Play!

Let’s draw colorful expressive pictures! Let’s play with dry leaves we found in favorite book! Let’s travel in all possible ways: To see something new: Let’s make funny faces: Let’s play with colors and reflections: and with shadows: Let’s see the beauty in everything around! Let’s have a great day today!

Through My Window: Week 16

It was the incredibly good weather last week here in Reykjavik. There are only two seasons in Iceland according to the old customs – summer and winter. The First Day of Summer is a holiday and it was last Thursday. It is summer now officially in Iceland! The First day of Summer is a great … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik III

Today I will show the drawings for the sitting room in the apartment that I am working on now. The sitting room is in the center of the apartment and is a good space for kids to play while mother is busy in the kitchen, for a quick chat with a neighbor, a spot where … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 15

Here is a weekly dose of photographs trough my window. It is spring and it is getting warmer though it is very windy. Above is Monday, 2012-04-09 19.10 Tuesday, 2012-04-10 16.13: Wednesday, 2012-04-11 9.43: Thursday, 2012-04-12 17.35: Friday, 2012-04-13 12.12: Saturday, 2012-04-14 19.13: Sunday, 2012-04-15 20.40. The day become significantly longer: See you next week!

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik II

Do you still remember the post about my interior design project some time ago? I am still working on it. Today I will show you the projects of the children bedrooms. There are three kids in this family: a girl – she is the oldest and two younger boys. The youngest boy is a baby … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 14

Hi, how are you doing after all these holidays? There were holidays since Wednesday last week in Iceland, kids at school had vacations all the last week until yesterday. My daughter was staying at home half of the last week, I was busy with all the preparation for Easter. Here are my photos through the … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! Let it be spring in your hearts and the occasion for a new start in anything you have desire for! Let us celebrate!

Through My Window: Week 13

Here are the photos through my window from the last week. Above is Monday, 2012-03-26 19.50. I almost forgot to take the picture than day. I did it at the last glimpse of the sun before the sunset that cloudy and fogy day. You can see the redness of the sunset in the sky. Tuesday, … Continue reading

Smoothy & Co

Finally I find out how to use frozen fruits! Smooothy! I know many of you do make smoothies often but for me it was a discovery. Many years I did not know what to do with frozen fruits that my mother was preserving and giving to me. My mother-in-low gave me some frozen  gooseberries and … Continue reading