What A Mess . . . / Kokia betvarkė . . .

What a mess! On my table, in my head, in my activity planning, in my blog and in my schedule! The to-do list does not get shorter just longer . . . It seems that my project “I pretend I am . . .” is finished before it started. It is not that there is … Continue reading

I Pretend I Am A . . . Photographer? / Apsimesiu, kad esu fotografė?

Dear diary, with a blush on my face I must admit that I am failing with my projects. I try one more week. I pretend I am a photographer now. Here I would like to present two of my series of photographs: Brangusis dienorašti, nukaitusiu veidu turiu prisipažinti, kad nesiseka įgyvendinti projektus. Pabandysiu apsimesti dar … Continue reading

I Pretend I Am A . . . Home Stylist Vol. I / Apsimesiu, kad esu . . . namų dekoratorė, I dalis

Kæri dagbók [Dear diary], it is already second week as I imagine I am working in different fields that I would like to work in real life. I was a fashion designer last week (still working to complete the tasks that I set up for myself then). This week I have started to imagine that … Continue reading

I Pretend I Am A . . . Fashion Designer Vol. I, II, III / Apsimesiu, kad esu . . . drabužių dizainerė, I – III dalis

Hi there everybody! It seems that I am behind with my project . . . Oh yeah I am! I am not an excuse person but I promised the updates and did not deliver. Well I had a terrible stomach disorder earlier this week and just started to get well today. I kept on publishing … Continue reading

I Pretend I Am A . . . / Apsimesiu, kad esu . . .

It is so many fields that I would like to work in! Interior and interior accessory designer, fashion designer, photographer, artist, stylist, cook, collector of vintage pieces, children book illustrator . . . I would like to try myself in all these spheres! Starting from today I will start trying myself in all these fields, … Continue reading