Through My Window: Week 4

It is time I guess to share photos through my window from the last week. There above you see the view on Monday, 2012-01-23 14:01. Still lots of snow and cold. Tuesday, 2012-01-24 11:54. It was a beautiful long winter sunrise: Wednesday, 2012-01-25 14:34. Cold snowy and blue: Thursday, 2012-01-26 10:10. Beautiful blue-pink sky. Friday, … Continue reading

Daily Photographs

365Reykjavik is a great example of daily photography. The project is ran by graphic designer Emil Hannes Valgeirsson. In the webpage you can find photos made every day during the year 2011 as well as short weather description (wind and air temperature in C). Emil Hannes was taking these photos every day at 12:00-12:15 from … Continue reading

Have You Already Tried the Virtual Stylist ?

As all women I am interested in fashion and finding my own style. I like quizzes too. If you are like me – must try the new virtual stylist – Dressipi. It is a new and fast improving web site to give you style advices. They are not always 100% correct I guess but is … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 3

Happy Monday everyone! Here are the photos through the window of the week 3. I posted the photos of the week 2 on Monday and forgot to take the picture! Tuesday: the lovely late Northern sunrise! You can see the small river that starts in the mountains flooded with the water of melted snow. Wednesday … Continue reading

In Another Time And Space

Have you ever met people that seem to live in totally another time and space while being your neighbors ? Have you ever had a feeling that some things, thoughts and images came like from the different reality? I think I felt something like that while spotting these photos in the web space (don’t you … Continue reading

The Magical Package Arrived!

One bright snowy day the package came. The elk brought us The Seasonal Greetings from my dear friend Valerija from Lithuania. The lovely smiling bears gave us a hug and opened the package full of summer: there were herbs for tea from Lithuanian farm herb gardens and meadows. What can be better for long and … Continue reading

Two Cooling Containers

These two red-headed containers are my newest findings. I am going to use them for my crafts supplies. These cooling containers will look good in the open shelves in my future workroom. There are two things that irritate me a little: the Martini labels and the inner bowls with holes (yes, I tried to take … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 2

The mountains that I see through my window called Bláfjöll. There are popular skying resort there. Here are the photos of the Week 2. Monday and Tuesday there were snow storms both days. I could not open the window. The photos are not of a good quality because I was making them through the glass … Continue reading

The Game With Two Stainless Steel Trays

I have bought two stainless steel trays the other day. Cheep and thin, almost like disposable backing trays. And the game begun. . .

Through My Window: Week 1

I started a new project this year: every day I take a photo of the mountain view through my window. Every week you can see my progress. I was doing this project the year 2010,  still have all the photos in my computer. You can see some of these photos here. I started in the … Continue reading