“I Want Green Milk!” / “Aš noriu žalio pieno!”

“I do not want to drink this milk, I want a green milk!”. That is what my daughter said yesterday night at supper. I think all moms are familiar with the situation like that.  Green milk? Here you are! Lucky me that I had a bunch of fresh parsley in my fridge. I crushed a … Continue reading

Autumn Morning Colours / Rudens ryto spalvos

Few more things to wake up. . . Elín started in kindergarten today. Šis tas, kas padeda pabusti. . . Šiandien Elenytė pradėjo lankyti darželį.

Something To Read / Skaitiniai

I decided to subscribe to the icelandic interior magazine. Here it is! A new issue is on my table. “Hús og híbýli” have got much better in these two years that I was accidentally buying it. Nusprendžiau užsiprenumeruoti islandišką interjero žurnalą. Naujas numeris ant mano stalo. “Hús og híbýli” stipriai pasikeitė ir pagerėjo per tuos … Continue reading

Summer Is Over, Isn’t It ? / Vasara jau baigesi . . . ?

Finally my life comes back into its order after our summer trip to Lithuania . . . I have  written this few weeks ago on the sheet of paper while preparing lunch and put into the pocket of my apron . . . One month in Lithuania with a vivid daughter is not enough to … Continue reading