Happy Easter!

Happy Ester to everybody! In Lithuania we say Linksmų Šventų Velykų! (Merry Holly Easter!) In Iceland we say Gleðilega páska! (Merry Eater!)

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! Let it be spring in your hearts and the occasion for a new start in anything you have desire for! Let us celebrate!

Happy Easter! / Laimingų Šventų Velykų!

Happy Easter to everybody! I have been so busy so I did not manage to enter the post about crafts with kids for Easter this year. What was I doing? Preparing for Easter dinner for Tjorvi’s family tonight and for Easter party of Icelandic-Lithuanian society tomorrow. Party for family is almost ready. Lithuanian Easter party … Continue reading

For Easter / Velykoms

Easter is coming! Let’s make some decoration! These easy-and-fast-to-make caps for eggs are decorative and keep them warm! Cotton yarn, crocheted. Also have a look at Easter decoration I made last year. I boiled eggs wrapped in moss, last year leaves and grass bandage for 10 – 15 min and here we go – natural … Continue reading