Gedda The Carrot

Getta The Carrot one of the characters from the new Icelandic children musical movie “Ávaxtakarfan” (“The Basket of Fruits”). It is a colorful story about friendship and living in the society. After we went to see it with my daughter she asked me if I could make her a backpack as Getta The Carrot had. … Continue reading

Busy Summer Life

Summer finally started in Iceland. In my Lithuanian measures. It is very sunny , no wind, +12-14°C ( app. 53-57°F) and it is really warm. It is something special about Icelandic climate: winters are not cold (it is very rear to have more than -10°C (14°F) and you never feel that cold), summers also not … Continue reading

Cleaning And Dreaming / Tvarkymas ir svajonės

I do not like cleaning and making order! I do cleaning when I really need it and my head is occupied with something else during that time. Usually I am dreaming. That what I was doing while sorting the pile of old newspapers the other day. I was dreaming  . . . Nemėgstu tvarkytis! Tvarkausi … Continue reading

Bears / Meškiai

It is the middle of April though it is still snowing in Reykjavik. Northern Pole, you say 🙂 It is my third winter in Iceland and it is first time to have it so long. It is usually not very cold and not much snow in Reykjavik. Not this year obviously. Winter is usually mild … Continue reading