Etsy Shop Reopened!

Everybody’s welcomed to my shop on Etsy! Finally reopened! Some new items and SALES! More items to come soon! Get extra 10% off with a coupon code EXTRA10   Advertisements

The Family Of Owls

One more handcrafted project is over and on the way to my Etsy shop! This is a whole family of owls out of recycled jeans with crocheted details. A perfect gift or decoration for home. This one was made first and belongs to my daughter: This is a sneak peek to the Christmas decoration project … Continue reading

Shop Updates! / Naujienos parduotuvėje!

I have added two more articles into my Etsy shop: a set of six crocheted napkin rings and a stylish crocheted cinnamon brown color flower. Check it out! Mano Etsy parduotuvėje – dvi naujos prekės: šešių nertų servetėlių žiedų komplektas ir romantiška sagė – nerta ruda gėlė. Kviečiu pažiūrėti!  

Some Movement in my Etsy Shop / Etsy parduotuvės papildymas

Finally some new stuff in my Etsy shop! Please check it out: Ice Beautiful on Etsy Pagaliau pridėjau naujų prekių savo Etsy parduotuvėlėje! Prašome užeiti, apsidairyti ir išsirinkti: Ice Beautiful on Etsy

Me On Etsy! / Mano parduotuvė Etsy!

Finaly I made it! I opened my shop on Etsy! Welcome to Ice Beautiful on Etsy. Find Ice Beautiful on Facebook as well: Ice beautiful on Facebook Pagaliau aš tai padariau! Atidariau savo rankdarbių parduotuvę Etsy! Sveiki atvykę į Ice Beautiful parduotuvę Etsy. As jau ir Facebook’e: Ice Beautiful Facebook’e

Crocheted Flowers / Nertos gėlės

I was crocheting again. Actually I was crocheting all the time! All kinds of flowers: brooches, headbands, necklace. Here they are: Nunėriau dar keletą gražių dalykų. Tai gėlės-sagės, gėlės ant lankelių plaukams, gėlės-kaklo papuošalai: Brown broosh: / Ruda sagė: Turkoise broosh: / Turkio spalvos sagė: Yellow broosh – special order: / Geltona sagė – specialus … Continue reading

Bears / Meškiai

It is the middle of April though it is still snowing in Reykjavik. Northern Pole, you say 🙂 It is my third winter in Iceland and it is first time to have it so long. It is usually not very cold and not much snow in Reykjavik. Not this year obviously. Winter is usually mild … Continue reading