Gedda The Carrot

Getta The Carrot one of the characters from the new Icelandic children musical movie “Ávaxtakarfan” (“The Basket of Fruits”). It is a colorful story about friendship and living in the society.

After we went to see it with my daughter she asked me if I could make her a backpack as Getta The Carrot had. Preferably the binnacles too. It is a challenge what could I say more.

This is how it looked in the movie:

This is what I have done:

Here it is: a perfect backpack to carry shoes to the dancing lessons or the exercise book to the Lithuanian Sunday school.

There is one more challenge to work through – the costume of Maya The Strawberry for the Costume day in kindergarten (Halloween traditionally is not celebrated in Iceland but as everywhere else in Europe few ears ago it started to become a perfect selling tool):

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