Finally I have removed all the Christmas decorations from the house. It is two weeks too late but I guess it is fine.  Now I need to pack it (everything is stacked in the garage at the moment) and organize the storage. Also I already have some ideas to redecorate the bedroom and the living … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 47

It is winter in Iceland. Here are my pictures through the window from the last week: Above is Monday, 2012-11-19 10.25. Tuesday, 2012-11-20 17.14. Well I forgot it  . . . Wednesday, 2012-11-21 13.02: Thursday, 2012-11-22 13.18: Friday, 2012-11-23 10.35: I forgot to take a picture on Saturday. Sunday, 2012-11-25 16.04: See you here next … Continue reading

The Children Of Summer

Both Tjorvi and my daughter Elin are born in summer. I made cakes and decorated the house a little. We had gatherings of Tjorvi’s family for both occasions. Both times everything was so in hurry: first time it was just before me and Elin left to Lithuania, second – just after we came back for … Continue reading

Cleaning The Toaster / Skrudintuvės valymas

It is so difficult to clean all the breadcrumbs out of the toaster. Cleaning the tray under and shaking reversed does not remove them all. I used an old thin painting brush to remove breadcrumbs that stuck to the inner surface of the toaster. It is better to use a harder brush (for oil or … Continue reading

Cleaning Stainless Steel Surfaces / Nerūdijančio plieno paviršių valymas

Do you know what the best cleaner for stainless steel surfaces is? I have tried many different cleaners for stainless steel surfaces and here is the winner! It is baby oil! I used some German brand baby oil that I have both in Lithuania for my daughter and it did not fit her skin. I … Continue reading