A Visit

I would like to tell you about the beautiful apartment where my good friend Kristina lives. She lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and apart of being a successful business manager she is a talented interior decorator. Holding degrees in art history and business management and being a Doctor of Social Sciences, Management and Administration she have decorated … Continue reading

A Kitchen For My Sister-In-Law

They have been renovating their house for about five years by now. They have enlarged the living room, repaired the bathroom downstairs and changed one of the storage rooms into the very small but cozy office. There is the time for the kitchen came now. Kitchen was newer changed since 60’s when the house was … Continue reading

In The Carpentry Shop

These photos I made when I was working in a carpentry shop on my garden Santas project few weeks before Christmas. It was a sunny day and the shop was full of light. I can see so much beauty in all these industrial spaces.


Finally I have removed all the Christmas decorations from the house. It is two weeks too late but I guess it is fine.  Now I need to pack it (everything is stacked in the garage at the moment) and organize the storage. Also I already have some ideas to redecorate the bedroom and the living … Continue reading

Danish Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Danish pleated paper heart ornament takes its roots in Denmark and Northern Germany and is one of the most popular Christmas crafts ornaments in Scandinavian countries. I tried to adopt this heart ornament for Valentine’s day: I printed some vintage photos of couples in black and white and combined it with brown wrapping paper for … Continue reading