Wall Paper Deco. Ideas for Christmas Decoration

Few months ago my daughter became very interested in paper cutting and we had quite a collection of beautiful snowflakes of all colors and shape. I love paper cutting too. We decided not to hide this beauty rather to display it on the wall in my daughter’s room. We fixed the decorations to the wall … Continue reading

Christmas Cards 2013

  So this it it: my this year’s Christmas cards. I called it “The Angel of Everyday Rush”. Dedicated to all my loved ones and all the busy bees I know. Happy Waiting for the Miracle 馃檪    


Turn around – life is full of colorful surprises!  

In the Gothic Church

These photos were taken in back halls and passages of the church of St. Francis Assisi in Vilnius more than a month ago. The mood and light in the pictures echoes the architecture so well. I miss places like this so much . . .    

Hur冒askellir, Hallway Decoration and Christmas Decoration Night

Hur冒askellir or聽Door-Slammer came last night! He likes to slam doors, especially during the night. I have decorated the hallway of our house: I made these Christmas decorations on the Christmas decoration gathering with lovely Lithuanian ladies few weeks ago. Here are few moments and best decorations from that night. This is Jurat臈, our florist-teacher: These … Continue reading

Denim Christmas

One more recycled jeans project finished. Owl family was first, now recycled denim garlands. I love denim color in general. These garlands are easy to make and turn into cozy Christmas decoration just with few white crocheted ornaments. You can make it yourself or buy it in my Etsy shop. This one is very easy … Continue reading

Autumn Is Here

Summer is gone suddenly. I am back home after I have spent almost two months in Lithuania this summer working on the new project. Usually I always fall into light depression after I come back from Lithuania but not this time: there is no time for that. There are聽 more activities starting聽 in Lithuanian Community … Continue reading


Every little nation has their ONE big artist. Icelanders have Kjarval. Once it happen to be both painter and composer he becomes a legend.聽 Lithuanians have M.K.膶 – Mikalojus Konstantinas 膶iurlionis. He was born 1875 and died young at the age 36. His original music pieces were created under influence of Chopin and other Romantics … Continue reading

Birthday Gifts

Here I want to tell you about my Birthday gifts. Have I ever told you that I can not get enough of good books? It is true even it is so yesterday though (in this century of everything e- and on-line !). Books are the best gifts for me. The biggest gift (literally!) was the … Continue reading

Iceland: Stylish and Lovely

I just came across the nice description of聽 “Little Place Called Iceland” on a web page of lovely e-shop Story North . Story North聽is established by Icelandic-English interior designer Samantha 脫sk Denid贸ttir. Do check their blog. One more lovely think from Iceland: this year Eurovision song video: Greta Sal贸me & J贸nsi – Never forget – … Continue reading