On The Other Side Of The River

The summer is long gone. Good memories pop-up while I am sorting the photographs I have taken from then. Do you remember my everyday through-the-window photograph challenge that I was running a year ago? There was a river in the middle of the view all the time and I had a closer look at it … Continue reading


I have never seen so many rainbows as in Iceland.

Through My Window: Week 51 – The Last Week Of The Project

My friends, this is the last week of my project. I hope you do not mind if I connected the last day of the year to this week.Actually I was getting a bit lazy to the end of the project. I know after it will be over I miss this staring through the window in … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 51

Merry Christmas to everyone! Here are the photos through the window from the last week. Above is Monday, 2012-12-17 10.39. Tuesday, 2012-12-18 10.40: Wednesday,2012-12-19 12.46: Thursday, 2012-12-20 9.52: Friday, 2012-12-21, the day of the end of the world: Saturday, 2012-12-22 – missed. Sunday, 2012-12-23: See you next week!

Through My Window: Week 50

Here are the photos through the window from the last week. It is just two more week of this year left (well almost one and a half), can you believe it? Above is Monday, 2012-12-10 10.39. Tuesday, 2012-12-11 11.40: Wednesday, 2012-12-12 11.29: Thursday, 2012-12-13 12.42: Friday, 2012-12-14 16.07: Saturday, 2012-12-15. 12.58: Sunday, 2012-12-16 12.44: See … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 49

I have been sick all last week so you can see it in the quantity of my pictures through the window. Above is Monday, 2012-12-03 10.13. Tuesday, 2012-12-04 11.08: I missed Wednesday, Thursday, 2012-12-06 13.55: Friday, 2012-12-07 14.15: I missed both Saturday and Sunday.

Through My Window: Week 48

I am late with the photos through my window from the last week – I was sick all this week with something that started like flu and developed into the stomach infection (with the help of my daughter :)). Anyway, here they are. Above is Monday, 2012-11-26 15.54 Tuesday, 2012-11-27 12.40: I missed Wednesday. Thursday, … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 46

Here come the pictures from the last week! Above is Monday, 2012-11-12 16.31. Tuesday, 2012-11-13 10.46: Wednesday, 2012-11-14 9.25: Thursday, 2012-11-15 14.28: Friday, 2012-11-16 10.02. . .  and the winter started: Saturday, 2012-11-17 15.02: Sunday, 2012-11-18 15.22. Still winter:  

Through My Window: Week 45

Here are my pictures through the window of the last week. I missed Monday. Above is Tuesday, 2012-11-06 10.05 Wednesday, 2012-11-07 14.01: Thursday, 2012-11-08 14.39: Friday, 2012-11-09 13.37: Saturday, 2012-11-10 9.38: Sunday, 2012-11-11 11.47: See you here next week!

Through My Window: Week 44

Here are the photos through my window from the last week. From Friday to Sunday we had a very strong wind here – sea waves the heavily showering the streets of Reykjavik, it was not possible to exit the car or walk downtown near the sea. It is over now, everybody is washing the sea … Continue reading