Through My Window: Week 51 – The Last Week Of The Project

2012-12-24 11.16

My friends, this is the last week of my project. I hope you do not mind if I connected the last day of the year to this week.Actually I was getting a bit lazy to the end of the project. I know after it will be over I miss this staring through the window in case to catch a beautiful view.

I missed two days last week.

Above is Monday, 2012-12-24 11.16, the Christmas Eve.

I missed Tuesday, the Christmas Day.

Wednesday, 2012-12-26 13.25, the second day of Christmas:

2012-12-26 13.25

I missed Thursday. It was a stormy wind on that day and started to snow.

Friday, 2012-12-28 16.37. Still stormy wind and snowing:

2012-12-28 16.37

Saturday, 2012-12-29 11.48. A very white landscape:

2012-12-29 11.48

Sunday, 2012-12-30 11.56. Still white and getting colder:

2012-12-30 11.56

Monday, 2012-12-31 11.42:

2012-12-31 11.42

You can see all the photos of my project here.

Happy New Year to everybody!

2 Responses to “Through My Window: Week 51 – The Last Week Of The Project”
  1. I’ve always wondered what Iceland was really like…

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