Drama In The Sky

I always felt like I missed watching the skies in my childhood. Love doing it now!  

Wood Project I Was Recently Working On

I am so happy to use those rear opportunities to work as a product designer. This time I needed to create the memorial object for the honorary members of Lithuanian Association in Iceland on the occasion of the five year anniversary of this organization. I wanted it to be standing object and made in wood: … Continue reading


Turn around – life is full of colorful surprises!  

In the Gothic Church

These photos were taken in back halls and passages of the church of St. Francis Assisi in Vilnius more than a month ago. The mood and light in the pictures echoes the architecture so well. I miss places like this so much . . .    

Studio Apartment Finished: The Pictures

So here they are, the pictures from my last summer project – finished and forgotten. The project was completed in July: the low budget was kept getting the most comfort and the look of the apartment, the living room space actually – as I told you before, the other space of the apartment did not … Continue reading