Happy Halloween to Those Who Celebrating!

. . . and some last minute decoration ideas:

Happy Birthday to My Girl!

She is six, can you believe it? We just came back from the vacations in Lithuania. The weather is as good as it can be in Iceland – +14ºC (57ºF), sunny and warm. Do not laugh, it was really sunbathing day here today. Meanwhile in Lithuania it was getting way over +30ºC (86ºF) and it … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

There is Father’s Day celebrated in Lithuania today. Happy Father’s Day for all incredible dads.

Christmas: Decorating Around The House

Christmas is coming and finally I started to decorate around the house. To get into the Christmas mood I have already baked first batch of Lithuanian Christmas cookies (you can find the recipe here). Then I have bought a bunch of fir branches and started to think what to do with it. First I used … Continue reading

Iceland Independence Day and Icelandic Nacional Costume

It was a holiday on Monday in Iceland – Iceland Independence Day and we spent almost all the day downtown Reykjavik, participating in the parade, listening to the concert, relaxing on the grass (though it was just around  +10° C (50° F), cloudy and showers sometimes), eating candy floss and jumping the inflatable castles. Some … Continue reading

Here Comes The Cake!

And here comes the cake! As I promised this is it! I did not manage to take a proper photo because all the guests we at rush to be finished with dessert and go watching a very important handball game. This is how I made the cake. Take the recipe of the best chocolate sponge … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day And Birthday!

Happy Father’s Day for those that are celebrating! Here in Iceland there is no Father’s Day celebrated. It is the first Sunday in June in Lithuania. But there is another reason for today’s celebration at our place: my daughter’s father has his birthday! Happy birthday Tjorvi! (I will post the photo of the cake later … Continue reading


It has been a long time since I posted last time, I know. Thinks have been busy around lately. I will get better keeping you updated I promise. It was a bit complicated project but I like complicated. Especially complicated solved by me! A client owns a garage – one of the two near the … Continue reading

The Room For My Nephew

My nephew Jonas is growing bigger and needs more space for games and learning. He needs a new room! My sister is ready to change his current room into the bigger one and asked me to help her designing it. She liked some things from IKEA also have got two chests of drawers. Here is … Continue reading

It Is The Pancake Day!

As I have mentioned many times before Shrove Tuesday or Užgavėnės in Lithuanian language was one of the most favorite festivals in my childhood. In Lithuania Shrove Tuesday is celebrated with carnivals and plays that related to pagan celebration of the end of winter. Also it is the last day before Lent for Easter so … Continue reading