Summer Flowers

Every summer since my daughter was born I was bringing home wild flowers from our walks together. My daughter will be for this summer. Now she can not pass the wild flowers every time we go for a walk. There are always few bouquets of wild flowers  in our home now. Happy weekend! Advertisements

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik IV

I have already finished all the primary designing works on the apartment. Some parts of it are already under execution, some are in the process of discussion with the clients, changes and acceptance . This time I will show you the living room. Some pictures before: Few pictures from the project:

Through My Window: Week 23

Here are my photos from the last week. The weather has been good so far. Above is Monday, 2012-06-04 1.00. You can see the fog coming from the river and marches on the other side of it. I could not help to put two more photos of Monday. You can see kids bathing in the … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 22

Here are my photos through the window from the last week. Above is Monday, 2012-05-28 21.53 Tuesday, 2012-05-29 21.04: Wednesday, 2012-05-30 23.08: Thursday, 2012-05-31 18.12. You can see kids bathing in the river: Friday, 2012-06-01 22.51: Saturday, 2012-06-02 19.25: Sunday, 2012-06-03 23.47: That is all from the last week. See you next week!

Chrocheting Orders

I was busy working on few crocheting orders. Do you remember the canvas bag above ? I have sold it at the crafts market of Fest Of Nations. A girlfriend of happy customer also wanted the same one  so the twin brother of sold one is ready too. I had some ides for small bags … Continue reading

Proud To Be Lithuanian

Every year in the middle of May there is Fest Of Nations held in Reykjavik. All the communities of immigrants as well as the other organizations uniting people from the other countries living in Iceland participate in the parade, crafts market and concerts on that day. Our Lithuanian Community in Iceland participated in there too. … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 21

Here are the pictures through my window from the last week. I am late I know 🙂 Monday, 2012-05-21 23.21 is above. Tuesday, 2012-05-22 16.54: Wednesday, 2012-05-23 17.58: Thursday, 2012-05-24 19.13: Friday, 2012-05-25 18.26. I am especially proud of this photo! I must admit that I have newer seen so many rainbows before I moved … Continue reading

Busy Summer Life

Summer finally started in Iceland. In my Lithuanian measures. It is very sunny , no wind, +12-14°C ( app. 53-57°F) and it is really warm. It is something special about Icelandic climate: winters are not cold (it is very rear to have more than -10°C (14°F) and you never feel that cold), summers also not … Continue reading