Chocolate at Ali’s

Second year in a row we are visiting a special place in Vilnius while on vacations. It is Ali’s Chocolate place (Ali šokoladinė). The place is both modern and cozy. The deserts and cakes are so good looking and so yummy. Maybe each peace is too big if one is interested to try few. All … Continue reading

House in the North

A while ago we were visiting a town of Akureyri in the Northern part of Iceland. There is a famous Christmas house there but I am not going to talk about it now (you can google it). I loved the house of the design gift shop next to the Christmas shop. I loved the decorations … Continue reading

Winter Still

The days are getting longer here and few days ago we managed to have a quick trip in late afternoon to check the garden not far away from Reykjavik. It is almost no snow in town so it was a bit of a surprise that we found there: everything covered in deep snow. The place … Continue reading

In the Gothic Church

These photos were taken in back halls and passages of the church of St. Francis Assisi in Vilnius more than a month ago. The mood and light in the pictures echoes the architecture so well. I miss places like this so much . . .    

On The Other Side Of The River

The summer is long gone. Good memories pop-up while I am sorting the photographs I have taken from then. Do you remember my everyday through-the-window photograph challenge that I was running a year ago? There was a river in the middle of the view all the time and I had a closer look at it … Continue reading

Stormy Day in Seltjarnarnes

It was quite windy here in Iceland last weekend. While Facebook was stuffed with pictures like this I took these pictures  passing by Seltjarnarnes – on of the seven towns that makes Reykjavik Capital Area. Seltjarnarnes is in the very end of Reykjavik peninsula. The wind and ocean waves were very strong there. I was … Continue reading

Keflavik: In The Troll Ladie’s Cave and Outside

I was browsing through my old photos and find these made over a year ago. We were going to Keflavik to the annual local cultural festival called Ljosanott (“bright night” or “night of light”) in the beginning of September last year.

I Am Back!

Long time no see! Again! I am back from my trips – Vilnius project is over. I came back so tired and with a heavy cold. I am finally recovered and sorting the photos to be shown. It is autumn and all the direct flights to Vilnius are over so it took me three planes … Continue reading

After The Rain

Love this calm and poetic monotony of neighborhoods built in Vilnius as well as in any other Lithuanian town around  1984!

Graffiti LT

Some is art some is damage.