Master bedroom / Mūsų miegamasis

Finally I managed to make some photos of our bedroom! Honestly I do not like our bedroom anymore after I have seen it in photos! I like all the details separately but the room does not look cozy. There is something missing. . .  I must admit that is not very often I see our … Continue reading

Midsummer flowers / Joninių gėlės

More flowers from Icelandic meadows. Midsummer. There is a daylight almost all around the clock and birds outside are going crazy . . . Gėlės iš Islandijos pievų . . . Joninės. Šviesu beveik visą naktį ir paukščiai už lango kraustosi iš proto . . .

Happy Birthday, Tjörvi! / Su Gimtadieniu, Tjörvi!

Happy Birthday!  Su Gimtadieniu!

Package Designs I Like / Įpakavimo dizainas: tai, kas man patinka

There are few designs of packages that I liked recently. Heimilis jógúrt (Home yoghurt) is a good example of Icelandic package design. Heimilis jógúrt is an inexpensive yoghurt that appeared on the diary market a month ago. Co-operative liquid soap plastic bottle is a sample of good design for a range of inexpensive goods. Babycoccolo … Continue reading

Daughter’s Room, Hallway and Workroom / Dukros, darbo kambarys ir prieškambaris

Here are some photos from my daughter’s room, hallway and workroom. I have already removed these paintings in my daughter’s room. Workroom looks much nicer after I have seen it in the photos. Master bedroom is left. Unfortunately, always when I have a minute for blogging there’s somebody sleeping there 🙂 Our neighbours from the … Continue reading

Cleaning Stainless Steel Surfaces / Nerūdijančio plieno paviršių valymas

Do you know what the best cleaner for stainless steel surfaces is? I have tried many different cleaners for stainless steel surfaces and here is the winner! It is baby oil! I used some German brand baby oil that I have both in Lithuania for my daughter and it did not fit her skin. I … Continue reading

Wild Flowers / Laukinės gėlės

Flowers, flowers! In Vilnius in spring and summer I was always buying simple bouquets of garden flowers from ladies near the grocery store. I like flowers so much! Every day me and my daughter are going for a walk and coming back with a bouquet of wild flowers. The simplicity of these flowers fits best … Continue reading

Me And My House / Aš ir mano namai

I think there’s a time to tell more about myself. I am an interior designer who moved to Reykjavik, Iceland from Vilnius, Lithuania two years ago. Holding BA in design, I had a successful seven years career there in Vilnius. I have an Icelandic husband and wonderful two year daughter here in Reykjavik. I might … Continue reading