Birthday Gifts

Here I want to tell you about my Birthday gifts. Have I ever told you that I can not get enough of good books? It is true even it is so yesterday though (in this century of everything e- and on-line !). Books are the best gifts for me. The biggest gift (literally!) was the … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 12

Happy Monday everybody (I know I know . . .)!  There is areal spring in Iceland finally: +8 °C ( 46 °F) and very windy (up to 16 m/s). Here are my photos through the window from the last week. Above: Monday, 2012-03-19 9.57. Tuesday, 2012-03-20 9.51: Wednesday, 2012-03-21, two photos – 8.45 and 15.51 … Continue reading

New Crocheted Stuff and Some Fun For the Weekend

I had some new ideas for crocheted jewelry recently. Actually I was working on that for some time already but finally everything is finished and photographed and on the way to my Etsy shop! Do check it out later tonight. For now here are few sneak peeks: I must admit I have been having problems … Continue reading

Through My Window: Weeks 10-11

I do not forget. The project is still on. Here is the week 10. Above is Monday, 2012-03-05 12.04 Tuesday, 2012-03-06 13.34 – started to snow: Wednesday, 2012-03-07 11.36 – it is all white again: Thursday, 2012-03-08, two photos – 15.19 and 16.45 – even more white, still snowing in mountains; skying season again: Friday, … Continue reading

Iceland: Stylish and Lovely

I just came across the nice description of  “Little Place Called Iceland” on a web page of lovely e-shop Story North . Story North is established by Icelandic-English interior designer Samantha Ósk Denidóttir. Do check their blog. One more lovely think from Iceland: this year Eurovision song video: Greta Salóme & Jónsi – Never forget – … Continue reading

38, Flu and Living Room Updates

I have turned 38 last Friday. We planned to go out for dinner that night but my daughter have got a flu and celebration was canceled. It was the most difficult illness she had since she was born – she stayed with fever for few days and still is!. I was so worried! I am … Continue reading

New Issue of Hús og Híbýli

This is the last month issue of Icelandic design and interior magazine Hús og Híbýli. This post supposed to be written a week or so ago. Anyway I left the “New” in the title – it is still valid until the next issue arrives. The title of the magazine could be translated “house and the … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 9

Here are my photos through the window from the last week. Photo above is Monday, 2012-02-27 14.06 Tuesday, 2012-02-28 10.58 – beautiful sky: Wednesday, 2012-02-29 9.52, it started to snow: Thursday, 2012-03-01 9.03, first day of Spring. Snowing: I missed Friday. Saturday, 2012-03-03 8.43.Crazy wind with heavy rain the night before: Our river went high. … Continue reading

Cycling Fashion

Have you ever heard about cycling fashion? Honestly I have not until I found this Icelandic brochure about cycling you see above and below. I goggled it and found that there are blogs dedicated just to cycling fashion. Those that came first were Vélo Vogue  and London Cycle Chick. Vélo Vogue is more for cycling as … Continue reading