Package Designs I Like III/ Įpakavimo dizainas: tai, kas man patinka III

There are so many people who know this package so well. You know how it happens: suddenly thinks just appear like in different light. Like you have never seen them before. I have always seen the chocolate inside not the package.  Suddenly this box appear to me as an ideal wrap to those tiny delicate … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 20

Hi everybody! My daughter is well already and was too bored to stay at home so she went to kindergarten today. I finally can finish some things I started long time ago. Here are my pictures through the window from the last week. Above – Monday, 2012-05-14 15.50. Tuesday, 2012-05-15 16.39: Wednesday, 2012-05-16 22.16: Tuesday, … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 19

My daughter have got chickenpox last weekend so I am late with all my works and planes. She is getting better and I try to steel some time for my works. Here are the pictures through my window from the last week. Above – Monday, 2012-05-07 15.00 Tuesday, 2012-05-08 20.41 – the day is so … Continue reading

Style Favorites

( This picture captured my attention for the high density of trendy elements in it. Bold graphic, techno fonts, bright color paths, vintage, recycled, taxidermy, greys, sculpture wooden letters, white painted floors . . . I love everything there except maybe taxidermy and would love to use it in the interiors I create. What do … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 18

Hey everybody! Here is my weekly post with the pictures through my window. Above – Monday, 2012-04-30 11.19. The last day of April. Tuesday, 2012-05-01 18.36, First of May, a holiday in Iceland: Wednesday, 2012-05-02 8.39 – under the dome of the sky: Thursday, 2012-05-03 4.17. Especially proud of this photo: the fogy summer sunrise: … Continue reading

Sneak Peek – New Collection of Canvas Bags

All this week I am working on a new collection of canvas bags for the crafts market of Fest of Nations that will be hold on Saturday, the 12th of May in the Town hall of Reykjavik. Everybody is welcomed! For those who could not make it – I will post a report about it … Continue reading

The Deck

This is how it looks today: the deck in the back of our house. I am not very happy about the location and design of the deck: in Iceland you need to be very careful designing houses and surroundings because the sun is very low all around the year and makes long shadows – you … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 17

I have missed Monday and Tuesday last week! Can you believe it? So week through my window started on Wednesday this time. Above: Wednesday, 2012-04-25 14.12. Thursday, 2012-04-26 16.10: Friday, 2012-04-27, two photos:  at 10.23 and 19.13: Saturday, 2012-04-28 19.47: Sunday, 2012-04-29, two photos again  –  at 18.48 and 20.55. I guess I still felt … Continue reading