My Vintage Helpers / Mano vintažiniai pagalbininkai

I kind of like to use some older kitchen utensils while preparing food. This Singer mixer belonged to my mother-in-law and was produced in 1986. Every Sunday I whip the cream with it to be eaten with wafers: Mėgstu naudoti senoviškus buitinius prietaisus ruošdama maistą. Šis Singer maišytuvas priklausė mano anytai ir pagamintas 1986 m. … Continue reading

Shop Updates! / Naujienos parduotuvėje!

I have added two more articles into my Etsy shop: a set of six crocheted napkin rings and a stylish crocheted cinnamon brown color flower. Check it out! Mano Etsy parduotuvėje – dvi naujos prekės: šešių nertų servetėlių žiedų komplektas ir romantiška sagė – nerta ruda gėlė. Kviečiu pažiūrėti!  

Jammmmmm! / Uogienė!

I am not big on berry-picking. Honestly I do not like it at all – I do not need an excuse to have a walk in the forest. Berry jam? Well I like it sometimes with wafers for Sunday breakfast. But it must be some special exceptional taste. Like this one my girlfriend Jūratė gave … Continue reading

For friends / Draugams

This is something that I was designing one night for my friends. They moved to another apartment downtown Reykjavik and their landlord allowed them to paint the walls into any color they want. The walls in the apartment were white before they moved. Well, not anymore. This is the entrance area. The girl wanted some … Continue reading


Iceland is a very beautiful country. There are many good photographers shooting it’s amazing nature with good cameras.  This time I would like to tell you about the great one. RAX is my favorite Icelandic photographer. His photos are with stories behind. And these stories are not the easy ones. It is not enough to … Continue reading