Autumn Is Here

Summer is gone suddenly. I am back home after I have spent almost two months in Lithuania this summer working on the new project. Usually I always fall into light depression after I come back from Lithuania but not this time: there is no time for that. There are  more activities starting  in Lithuanian Community … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 32

Here are two photos through my window I did before I left to Lithuania again. Above is Monday, 2012-08-06 19.32 Here is Tuesday, 2012-08-07 16.56: Just to fill the gap here are few more interesting photos through my window from the autumn 2011:

Jammmmmm! / Uogienė!

I am not big on berry-picking. Honestly I do not like it at all – I do not need an excuse to have a walk in the forest. Berry jam? Well I like it sometimes with wafers for Sunday breakfast. But it must be some special exceptional taste. Like this one my girlfriend Jūratė gave … Continue reading