Cleaning The Toaster / Skrudintuvės valymas

It is so difficult to clean all the breadcrumbs out of the toaster. Cleaning the tray under and shaking reversed does not remove them all. I used an old thin painting brush to remove breadcrumbs that stuck to the inner surface of the toaster. It is better to use a harder brush (for oil or … Continue reading

Gift For A Newborn / Dovana naujagimiui

Small bracelet-toys for curios eyes and little hands to exercise. Crocheted, cotton yearn, synthetic stuffing inside. Everything sewed together well. A crocheted button to fasten the bracelet on the wrist. Difficult to button – difficult to take it out of hand. I tried to make it as safe as it possible. I know how resourceful … Continue reading

Sunday Supper / Sekmadienio vakarienė

Sunday supper needs to be special. Especially when you are a kid. I want my daughter to have these good memories. I backed cinnamon rolls for supper yesterday. Cinnamon rolls Dough: 1/2 dl (50 ml) warm water 25 g pressed yeast or 1 tbsp dry yeast 1 dl (100 ml) milk 1 egg 2 tbsp … Continue reading

Family Portrait 2010 / Šeimos portretas 2010

This is me. This is my best portrait of my own in last three years. I was making order in my photos the other day. I have also found these family portraits as well. Tai aš. Tai geriausias mano pačios portretas per paskutinius trejus metus. Neseniai tvarkiau nuotraukas. Dar radau ir šiuos šeimos portretus.  

Midsummer Flowers 2011 / Joninių gėlės 2011

I miss our long walks with my daughter. It is quite rear after she started kindergarten. I had a walk yesterday in the meadow near our house to gather flowers. There is less flowers after my daughter started kindergarten too. Pasiilgstu ilgų pasivaikščiojimų su dukra. Po to, kai ji pradėjo eiti į darželį, į ilgaus … Continue reading

Cosy Tuch / Kad būtų jaukiau

My daughter made this. One more way to make any interior cosy 🙂 She is good at it. Mano dukra nusprendė šitaip padaryti vonios kambarį jaukesnį 🙂 Ji tai moka.


We went to Akranes the other day. We drove the tunnel under  Hvalfjordur.  We played on the beach, grilled hot dogs in Akranes. We had a really good time. Prieš porą dienų buvom Akranes. Važiavome tuneliu po Banginių fjordu. Akranes žaidėme pajūry, kepėme dešreles. Buvo labai smagu.   You can see Reykjavik from there. Iš … Continue reading

Sofa Cushion Out Of Sweater II / Pagalvės iš megstinių II

I finished my sofa-cushions-out-of-sweaters project! Do you remember my first attempt? Pabaigiau pagalvių iš megztinių projektą. Turbūt atsimenate mano pirmąjį bandymą?   Nor me neither Tjorvi ever liked that design of cushion. I wanted it more sweater-alike. Now it looks like that: Nei aš, nei Tjorvi nemėgo šios pagalvės dizaino. Aš norėjau kažko labiau “megztiniško”. … Continue reading

Me On Etsy! / Mano parduotuvė Etsy!

Finaly I made it! I opened my shop on Etsy! Welcome to Ice Beautiful on Etsy. Find Ice Beautiful on Facebook as well: Ice beautiful on Facebook Pagaliau aš tai padariau! Atidariau savo rankdarbių parduotuvę Etsy! Sveiki atvykę į Ice Beautiful parduotuvę Etsy. As jau ir Facebook’e: Ice Beautiful Facebook’e

Cleaning And Dreaming / Tvarkymas ir svajonės

I do not like cleaning and making order! I do cleaning when I really need it and my head is occupied with something else during that time. Usually I am dreaming. That what I was doing while sorting the pile of old newspapers the other day. I was dreaming  . . . Nemėgstu tvarkytis! Tvarkausi … Continue reading