Through My Window: Week 8

The transition between winter and spring is always dirty and messy yet has its beauty.  In Iceland from the old days were just two seasons recognized: winter and summer. The first day of summer is still a big festival here. I will tell you more when it comes. Here are my photos through the window … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 7

It was an ordinary busy Monday. The mountains looked gray. The picture above is Monday, 2012 02 13 15.05 I forgot to take picture on Tuesday. Wednesday, 2012 02 15 13.05 : Thursday, 2012 02 16 9.42 ( I thinks it was wet snow): Friday, 2012 02 17 16.42 : Saturday, 2012 02 18 10.06 … Continue reading

An Outfit For Carnival?

It is Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras today! Kids in Lithuania dress into carnival costumes and go asking for favors (pancakes and candies). A costume party on that occasion? Yes!!!! Need some high fashion inspirations? Here it is!!! All the photos are from Fashion Gone Rogue (you can see more there). Thanks Chicquero where I … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 6

No, I have not quitted my project! Here it is for the week 6. Monday, 2012 02 06 16.56 and 17.27.  In these two  photos above you can see how changing the weather in Iceland can be. Tuesday, 2012 02 07 13.29. It was going to snow . . . Wednesday, 2012 02 08 14.26 : … Continue reading

Bolla Bolla!

Monday before Shrove Tuesday is Bolludagur – Buns Day in Iceland. Kids make Bolla – stick, decorated with ribbons of different colors – and come with them on Buns Day morning to their parents to ask for buns. My daughter slept long this morning – she was too tired after Lithuanian-style Shrove Tuesday celebration that … Continue reading

Happy Valentine´s Day !

Happy Valentine´s Day to everybody! I almost forgot the Day today – so busy with everything: Lithuanian movie, Lithuanian singer to come to Iceland, Shrove Tuesday celebration on Sunday. I am sure you are not. Let as celebrate our love and loved ones!


I like coffee. It brightens my day, it is a reason to make a pleasant break to prepare a cup of delicious aromatic coffee. Me and my sister-in-law were discussing taste for coffee the other day. I was complaining that I am always in the search for perfect taste – constantly trying coffee of different … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik I

I am working on this four bedrooms apartment in 108 Reykjavik since summer. There is a family with three small kids. The new apartment was chosen because of the location (the same area, where they used to live, in walking distance from school, not faraway from closest relatives). It was a possibility to renovate this … Continue reading

Through My Window: Week 5

Monday again and it is time to publish pictures through my window from the last week. The picture above – Monday, 2012 01 30 10.36 Tuesday, 2012 01 31 9.54, the last day of January. My project is running one month already. This was the first week that I have not missed a day. Winter … Continue reading