About Obsession / Apie apsėdimus

  Ginte in “Kokonas” asked today about obsessions, having in mind some drawing periods (just did not understand whether it was about children obsessions or parents’, because it was published under “Children” section). Do not know, why, I reacted so hot, understanding that it was a question about parents’ obsessions. I felt sad. Happy are … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Ice Beautiful! / Valio, Ice Beautiful vienerių metų sukaktis!

Hurrah! Ice Beautiful survived the first year! Thank you, all the readers! Thanks me for the patient! I promise more interior design and handmade stuff next year. Stay with me! Comments are also appreciated! I am preparing articles with bread recipes for bread machines, with recipes of salad and cheese cakes. Valio! Ice Beautiful išgyveno … Continue reading

Happy Easter! / Laimingų Šventų Velykų!

Happy Easter to everybody! I have been so busy so I did not manage to enter the post about crafts with kids for Easter this year. What was I doing? Preparing for Easter dinner for Tjorvi’s family tonight and for Easter party of Icelandic-Lithuanian society tomorrow. Party for family is almost ready. Lithuanian Easter party … Continue reading

The Cousin Of The Cup / Puodelio pusbrolis

Finally I have a cup for take-away coffee! It is so often that I would like to grab a cup off coffee and go, because there is no other time for coffee just as driving somewhere. Now I have my dream cup for it! Looks bit similar to my coffee cup at home. That is … Continue reading

First Day Of Summer / Pirmoji vasaros diena

It is the First Day of Summer today in Iceland. Everybody wish everyone happy summer and give gifts to kids. Old tradition is to give clothes to kids. Our daughter have got a doll and a reindeer. This reindeer (it is elk actually) is her best friend now: he has already gon to the swimming … Continue reading

For Easter / Velykoms

Easter is coming! Let’s make some decoration! These easy-and-fast-to-make caps for eggs are decorative and keep them warm! Cotton yarn, crocheted. Also have a look at Easter decoration I made last year. I boiled eggs wrapped in moss, last year leaves and grass bandage for 10 – 15 min and here we go – natural … Continue reading

Bears / Meškiai

It is the middle of April though it is still snowing in Reykjavik. Northern Pole, you say 🙂 It is my third winter in Iceland and it is first time to have it so long. It is usually not very cold and not much snow in Reykjavik. Not this year obviously. Winter is usually mild … Continue reading