The Wonderful Land of Imagination

Sometimes is so good to be a small mouse in Wonderful World of imagination. Advertisements

Danish Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Danish pleated paper heart ornament takes its roots in Denmark and Northern Germany and is one of the most popular Christmas crafts ornaments in Scandinavian countries. I tried to adopt this heart ornament for Valentine’s day: I printed some vintage photos of couples in black and white and combined it with brown wrapping paper for … Continue reading

More Vintage: Wooden Abacus

I found this when I went to the storage room for something from my old stuff. My father could not remember from where did he get it. I remember myself being obsessed with wooden abacus for some short time in the Academy of Arts – I even had written one futuristic essay about it for … Continue reading

Style Favorites

( This picture captured my attention for the high density of trendy elements in it. Bold graphic, techno fonts, bright color paths, vintage, recycled, taxidermy, greys, sculpture wooden letters, white painted floors . . . I love everything there except maybe taxidermy and would love to use it in the interiors I create. What do … Continue reading

38, Flu and Living Room Updates

I have turned 38 last Friday. We planned to go out for dinner that night but my daughter have got a flu and celebration was canceled. It was the most difficult illness she had since she was born – she stayed with fever for few days and still is!. I was so worried! I am … Continue reading

In Another Time And Space

Have you ever met people that seem to live in totally another time and space while being your neighbors ? Have you ever had a feeling that some things, thoughts and images came like from the different reality? I think I felt something like that while spotting these photos in the web space (don’t you … Continue reading

Two Cooling Containers

These two red-headed containers are my newest findings. I am going to use them for my crafts supplies. These cooling containers will look good in the open shelves in my future workroom. There are two things that irritate me a little: the Martini labels and the inner bowls with holes (yes, I tried to take … Continue reading

How I Could Forget It??? / Kaip aš galėjau pamiršti???

This is one more my vintage helper! How I could forget it ? This is an old electric German wafer pan. I like wafers from my childhood. It was a dream food on weekends then. After Tjorvi’s old aunt died nobody wanted this pan so I happily accepted it. The pan is quite old: it … Continue reading

My Vintage Helpers / Mano vintažiniai pagalbininkai

I kind of like to use some older kitchen utensils while preparing food. This Singer mixer belonged to my mother-in-law and was produced in 1986. Every Sunday I whip the cream with it to be eaten with wafers: Mėgstu naudoti senoviškus buitinius prietaisus ruošdama maistą. Šis Singer maišytuvas priklausė mano anytai ir pagamintas 1986 m. … Continue reading

More Vintage Pieces / Daugiau vintažinių daiktų

I like handmade wooden thinks! Look what we have found while cleaning our garage: a bench made by Tjorvi’s father  in 80’s, a bowl made out of maple (Tjorvi made it about 15 years ago) and two beautiful wooden vases made by Tjorvi’s father about 10 years ago! The bench fits very well in our … Continue reading