Diplomas for Lithuanian Mother Tongue School

I have been doing some small graphic design stuff for Lithuanian Mother tongue School in Iceland. These were diplomas for the participants and winners of school logo contest. Advertisements

Wood Project I Was Recently Working On

I am so happy to use those rear opportunities to work as a product designer. This time I needed to create the memorial object for the honorary members of Lithuanian Association in Iceland on the occasion of the five year anniversary of this organization. I wanted it to be standing object and made in wood: … Continue reading

On-Line Interior Design – Studio Appartment For Rent

I was working on this on-line interior project for few weeks and finished it today. There is a small studio apartment with a kitchen and bathroom that are already furnished. The only thing that missing is the furniture for the room that must combine sleeping area, home office and living area. The apartment will be … Continue reading

Iceland Independence Day and Icelandic Nacional Costume

It was a holiday on Monday in Iceland – Iceland Independence Day and we spent almost all the day downtown Reykjavik, participating in the parade, listening to the concert, relaxing on the grass (though it was just around  +10° C (50° F), cloudy and showers sometimes), eating candy floss and jumping the inflatable castles. Some … Continue reading


It has been a long time since I posted last time, I know. Thinks have been busy around lately. I will get better keeping you updated I promise. It was a bit complicated project but I like complicated. Especially complicated solved by me! A client owns a garage – one of the two near the … Continue reading

The Room For My Nephew

My nephew Jonas is growing bigger and needs more space for games and learning. He needs a new room! My sister is ready to change his current room into the bigger one and asked me to help her designing it. She liked some things from IKEA also have got two chests of drawers. Here is … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik VII:Master Bedroom

It happened that I forgot to post about the interior of master bedroom in my Reykjavik project. Above you can see the moodboard for the master bedroom. Here go the pictures: All the furniture, lamps and textiles from IKEA.

Vilnius Project: Here Come Pictures!

I still can not stop screaming that it is complete! My first interior project in four years! It is funny that it’s in Lithuania (my first Icelandic project is till running, you can read about it here)! I was so happy to work and to find out that I am still good at it both … Continue reading

Vilnius Project: The Beginning

This is what I have got: 39m² (=41951⁄64ft²) apartment in a new house built in between of two “sleeping areas” of Vilnius, built in ’80. Here is the apartment. Here is the view from the balcony: Eastern side and lots of trees – not bad. Though my imagination went wild just after hearing about this … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik VI: White Living Room vs Dark Living Room

The first changes in my Reykjavik project came almost right after I have submitted my project. First request from the husband even with his wife away and had not seen the final project was to make living room all white. I doubt that his wife would like it in all white and I believe that … Continue reading