After The Rain / Po lietaus

I have taken these photos with my phone camera some time in cold spring afternoon just after the rain. Enjoy! Šitai nufotografavau savo telefono fotoaparatu kažkada šaltą pavasario popietę, tik po lietaus. Malonaus žiūrėjimo!       Advertisements

Some Movement in my Etsy Shop / Etsy parduotuvės papildymas

Finally some new stuff in my Etsy shop! Please check it out: Ice Beautiful on Etsy Pagaliau pridėjau naujų prekių savo Etsy parduotuvėlėje! Prašome užeiti, apsidairyti ir išsirinkti: Ice Beautiful on Etsy

More Vintage Pieces / Daugiau vintažinių daiktų

I like handmade wooden thinks! Look what we have found while cleaning our garage: a bench made by Tjorvi’s father  in 80’s, a bowl made out of maple (Tjorvi made it about 15 years ago) and two beautiful wooden vases made by Tjorvi’s father about 10 years ago! The bench fits very well in our … Continue reading

Sunday Trip To Hveragerði / Sekmadienio kelionė į Hveragerði

Last Sunday we went to Hveragerði, small town 45 km away from Reykjavik. Every year ice cream factory that is located there has Ice Cream festival. We went there last year so we did this year too. In this Ice Cream festival you can try all kinds of ice cream you could not imagine to … Continue reading

Monday / Pirmadienis

It is Monday afternoon. I have already been to two stores with Tjorvi’s brother for whom I am making the interior of their apartment. We have bought floor tiles for small bathroom and entrance area and have chosen sanitary ware for the same bathroom. I need to start writing about this interior! We have already … Continue reading

My Vintage Office Chair / Mano vintažinė biuro kėdė

First – what I have done today from my to-do list: – to meet Tjorvi’s brother and his wife to discuss further the interior of their apartment that  I am working on for some time already – DONE! – to work on their interior, make a list and some calculations for shopping with them on … Continue reading

Kitchen Colors / Virtuvės spalvos

Just wanted to share few pictures. Life around is so colorful! Tik norėjau pasidalinti keletu akimirkų. Gyvenimas toks spalvingas!        

Big Cleaning (And Making Order)! / Didysis valymas (ir tvarkymasis)!

Yes, it is our garage! It needs to be cleaned. My daughter started in kindergarten today after one month summer vacation so I started making order at home and around. It should have been a to-do list, but it ended up that I am going to finish this post just now. So, planed-and-done list: – … Continue reading