Winter Still

The days are getting longer here and few days ago we managed to have a quick trip in late afternoon to check the garden not far away from Reykjavik. It is almost no snow in town so it was a bit of a surprise that we found there: everything covered in deep snow. The place … Continue reading

On The Other Side Of The River

The summer is long gone. Good memories pop-up while I am sorting the photographs I have taken from then. Do you remember my everyday through-the-window photograph challenge that I was running a year ago? There was a river in the middle of the view all the time and I had a closer look at it … Continue reading

There Was Summer In Iceland Too

Elin’s birthday week we spent in Iceland. We have missed most of flowers this summer but there were still some in bloom. Elin have got bicycle and we were going for a walk/ride few times a day. There were only big stones near the walk  she needed to climb on that were taking her from … Continue reading

Lithuanian Forest

One day on our vacations in Lithuania we had a walk in the forest. It was one of those hot sunny days around +30°C (86°F). Nonetheless the travelers were happy as always in the forest.