Busy Summer Life

Summer finally started in Iceland. In my Lithuanian measures. It is very sunny , no wind, +12-14°C ( app. 53-57°F) and it is really warm. It is something special about Icelandic climate: winters are not cold (it is very rear to have more than -10°C (14°F) and you never feel that cold), summers also not very hot, but when you have +14°C (57°F) here it feels like +21°C (70°F) in Lithuania. The rest of the year is windy with not so much rain or cold temperature and there are about 15 day a year of stormy weather that last 1-3 days at the time. People downtown Reykjavik even might not feel that so much as we do living at the outskirts of the town.

These last two weeks were extremely busy for me: my daughter was with chickenpox, I was organizing the screening of a new Lithuanian movie in Reykjavik – advertisement, movie transportation, hall rent, selling tickets myself – the movie was shown the day before yesterday. Then we had a long weekend – not a Memorial day, it was Whitsunday, then Tuesday Wednesday – planning days in kindergarten. Speaking of planning days in kindergartens in Iceland it looks more like the additional days off for kindergarten teachers because I do not see any activity planing in kindergarten at all. This time teachers had gone to the educational trip to Sweden. Me and my husband work at home so we can plan our days differently, change with each other to stay with our daughter. What would I do if I would be working in the office or shop like the other parents? Employees get 14 days a year for being sick themselves or having sick kids, etc., grandparents are working until very old age so not everyone can rely on them taking care of kids. I have heard that groups of parents divide these planning days that are 5-6 every year and every family takes care of few other kids at the time.

We tried to enjoy most of that good summer weather those days: grilling, eating outside in our deck, going for long walks, picking flowers, eating ice cream, going to swimming pool. I was quite busy supervising workers at my interior project, planning the deck garden and crocheting (I had some orders – will tell you more later!). I also tried to read: being an admirer of English and Scottish detective TV series while crocheting (especially “Inspector Rebus” with Ken Scott and Claire Price ) I have bought one book from Rebus series by Ian Rankin for 100 Icelandic kronas (70 US cents or 0,5 British pounds) while visiting our local library with my daughter.



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