Lithuanian cold beetroot soup

This  soup is eaten on hot summer days in Lithuania. I know the pink color looks not much appealing. Though it is extremely refreshing and tasty. It is made out of chopped boiled beetroots, kefir or sour milk, chopped fresh green onions, dill, sliced cucumber. Decorated with a wedge of boiled egg. Solt, milk, sour … Continue reading

The Colors Of Late Fall

It is officially winter now in Iceland: there was The First Day of Winter traditionally celebrated with eating lamb meet soup over a week ago. It is a late fall for me still. I must confess having difficulties explaining seasons to my daughter because we had four seasons in Lithuania and here in Iceland there … Continue reading

The Children Of Summer

Both Tjorvi and my daughter Elin are born in summer. I made cakes and decorated the house a little. We had gatherings of Tjorvi’s family for both occasions. Both times everything was so in hurry: first time it was just before me and Elin left to Lithuania, second – just after we came back for … Continue reading

Busy Summer Life

Summer finally started in Iceland. In my Lithuanian measures. It is very sunny , no wind, +12-14°C ( app. 53-57°F) and it is really warm. It is something special about Icelandic climate: winters are not cold (it is very rear to have more than -10°C (14°F) and you never feel that cold), summers also not … Continue reading