Gift Wrap Ideas

No no no, it is not Christmas yet. Second year in a row I send Christmas gifts to my sister and her son in summer when I am on vacations in Lithuania. My sister lives in States. I live in Iceland. Every year in summer me and my daughter go to Lithuania for vacations. There … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to My Girl!

She is six, can you believe it? We just came back from the vacations in Lithuania. The weather is as good as it can be in Iceland – +14ºC (57ºF), sunny and warm. Do not laugh, it was really sunbathing day here today. Meanwhile in Lithuania it was getting way over +30ºC (86ºF) and it … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day And Birthday!

Happy Father’s Day for those that are celebrating! Here in Iceland there is no Father’s Day celebrated. It is the first Sunday in June in Lithuania. But there is another reason for today’s celebration at our place: my daughter’s father has his birthday! Happy birthday Tjorvi! (I will post the photo of the cake later … Continue reading

The Children Of Summer

Both Tjorvi and my daughter Elin are born in summer. I made cakes and decorated the house a little. We had gatherings of Tjorvi’s family for both occasions. Both times everything was so in hurry: first time it was just before me and Elin left to Lithuania, second – just after we came back for … Continue reading