Kertasníkir Came Last Night! Happy Christmas!

Kertasníkir or Candle Stealer came last night! He is stealing candles from the children. This is the last of the brothers trolls. Today, the 24th of December, 6. p. m. Christmas is coming to Iceland. Today we wish each other Gleðileg Jól (Happy Christmas!) and eat Christmas dinner. Then we open our Christmas gifts under … Continue reading

Ketkrókur Came Last Night!

Ketkrókur or Meat-Hook came! He is steeling hangikjöt (the Icelandic smoked lamb) using a long hook.

Gáttaþefur Came Last Night!

Gáttaþefur or Doorway-Sniffer came! He has a big nose and always is sniffing around the door to find the place where laufabrauð is.  Laufabrauð is a traditional Icelandic Christmas bread – flat and rounded, decorated with cut ornaments. My in-laws are gathering tomorrow to cut  laufabrauð. Usually it is done earlier but it seams everybody were … Continue reading

Gluggagægir And Ginger Cookies

Gluggagægir or Window-Peeper came last night! He is looking through the windows for the things to steel. We were backing ginger cookies, decorating the ginger cookie house and a Christmas tree:

Bjúgnakrækir And Some Christmas Sewing

Bjúgnakrækir or Sausage-Swiper came last night! He is steeling sausages that are hanged for smoking. In all schools and kindergartens in Iceland there are Icelandic sausages – bjugas served for lunch today. Kids love it and it makes Bjúgnakrækir one of the most beloved Yule Lads. Here is the costume of monkey that I made … Continue reading

Skyrgámur and Some Christmas Treat

Skyrgámur or Skyr-Gobbler came last night! He is stealing skyr in big amounts. Skyr is Icelandic diary product similar to yogurt. Skyr cake is the most popular Icelandic cheese cake that is very easy to make. This is my version of skyr cake: whip 500 ml of heavy cream until firm, mix 500 ml of plane … Continue reading

Hurðaskellir, Hallway Decoration and Christmas Decoration Night

Hurðaskellir or Door-Slammer came last night! He likes to slam doors, especially during the night. I have decorated the hallway of our house: I made these Christmas decorations on the Christmas decoration gathering with lovely Lithuanian ladies few weeks ago. Here are few moments and best decorations from that night. This is Juratė, our florist-teacher: These … Continue reading

Askasleikir and Cristmas Vilage

Askasleikir or Bowl Licker came last night! He steals “askur” – the ancient Icelandic dish that was used instead of plates and bowls to eat from. This is our Christmas village that I set up in our living room:

Pottaskefill Came!

Þvörusleikir or Pot-Scraper came last night! He steals leftovers from pots.

Þvörusleikir and Living Room Updates

Þvörusleikir or Spoon-Licker came last night. He is the fourth brother troll. He is steeling long-handle spoons (is. þvörur) and is very tall. I also updated our living room for Holidays. You can see here how it looked before. Now it looks like that: Garden updates: