Reykjavik Town Hall

Reykjavik Town hall is a house definitely worth of visiting. It is in the were heart of the town. It is a marvelous example of contemporary architecture ant it’s connection to the environment. Advertisements

For Rent

(photo: Resteita) I love browsing through rental property advertisements getting some inspiration. There are so many interesting and beautiful things you can find there. (photo: ProReal) Can you imagine, it is downtown Vilnius? (photo: ProReal)  

Studio Apartment Finished: The Pictures

So here they are, the pictures from my last summer project – finished and forgotten. The project was completed in July: the low budget was kept getting the most comfort and the look of the apartment, the living room space actually – as I told you before, the other space of the apartment did not … Continue reading

New Ice Cream Place

Last few years the buildings in the Old Harbor area that is next to the Downtown Reykjavik were started to turn into coffees, restaurants, hotels, design shops and galleries.  The newest spot is a local brand ice cream shop “Valdís” that was opened in one of the old small ship hangars. Love the simplicity and … Continue reading


It has been a long time since I posted last time, I know. Thinks have been busy around lately. I will get better keeping you updated I promise. It was a bit complicated project but I like complicated. Especially complicated solved by me! A client owns a garage – one of the two near the … Continue reading

A Visit

I would like to tell you about the beautiful apartment where my good friend Kristina lives. She lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and apart of being a successful business manager she is a talented interior decorator. Holding degrees in art history and business management and being a Doctor of Social Sciences, Management and Administration she have decorated … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik VII:Master Bedroom

It happened that I forgot to post about the interior of master bedroom in my Reykjavik project. Above you can see the moodboard for the master bedroom. Here go the pictures: All the furniture, lamps and textiles from IKEA.

Vilnius Project: The Beginning

This is what I have got: 39m² (=41951⁄64ft²) apartment in a new house built in between of two “sleeping areas” of Vilnius, built in ’80. Here is the apartment. Here is the view from the balcony: Eastern side and lots of trees – not bad. Though my imagination went wild just after hearing about this … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik VI: White Living Room vs Dark Living Room

The first changes in my Reykjavik project came almost right after I have submitted my project. First request from the husband even with his wife away and had not seen the final project was to make living room all white. I doubt that his wife would like it in all white and I believe that … Continue reading

On My Worktable: Four Bedroom Apartment in Reykjavik V

Here are some updates on my Reykjavik project. I have finished all the designing work on it before I went on vacations. It is in the stage of execution now. Here are drawings for the kitchen. The kitchen area is small. Here how it looks now: The clients need lots of space for storage. I … Continue reading