Lithuanian cold beetroot soup

This  soup is eaten on hot summer days in Lithuania. I know the pink color looks not much appealing. Though it is extremely refreshing and tasty. It is made out of chopped boiled beetroots, kefir or sour milk, chopped fresh green onions, dill, sliced cucumber. Decorated with a wedge of boiled egg. Solt, milk, sour … Continue reading

Gluggagægir And Ginger Cookies

Gluggagægir or Window-Peeper came last night! He is looking through the windows for the things to steel. We were backing ginger cookies, decorating the ginger cookie house and a Christmas tree:

Lithuanian Food And Some Flovers

We love flowers. And there are some food and sweets that we like here in Lithuanian. Here you can see traditional Lithuanian cookies that are quite complicated to make. These “mushrooms” are backed in a special two-sides iron-casted pan and decorated with chocolate dipping and sugar icing. It is totally hand made and takes lots … Continue reading

Sunday Supper / Sekmadienio vakarienė

Sunday supper needs to be special. Especially when you are a kid. I want my daughter to have these good memories. I backed cinnamon rolls for supper yesterday. Cinnamon rolls Dough: 1/2 dl (50 ml) warm water 25 g pressed yeast or 1 tbsp dry yeast 1 dl (100 ml) milk 1 egg 2 tbsp … Continue reading