I Miss My Apartment

It appears that I have never told you about my old apartment in Vilnius. Finally when I managed to pull this interior together and began to love it I moved to Iceland. I have never made proper pictures of it. These are made by real estate agents 5 years ago. It was a one bedroom … Continue reading

In the Gothic Church

These photos were taken in back halls and passages of the church of St. Francis Assisi in Vilnius more than a month ago. The mood and light in the pictures echoes the architecture so well. I miss places like this so much . . .    

Through My Window: Week 39

There is not much to show for the week 39 – I was in Lithuania the most of it. Above is Saturday, 2012-09-29 17.19 Sunday, 2012-09-30 11.02: Here are few pictures through my window in Vilnius:

Vilnius Project: The Beginning

This is what I have got: 39m² (=41951⁄64ft²) apartment in a new house built in between of two “sleeping areas” of Vilnius, built in ’80. Here is the apartment. Here is the view from the balcony: Eastern side and lots of trees – not bad. Though my imagination went wild just after hearing about this … Continue reading

I Am Back!

Long time no see! Again! I am back from my trips – Vilnius project is over. I came back so tired and with a heavy cold. I am finally recovered and sorting the photos to be shown. It is autumn and all the direct flights to Vilnius are over so it took me three planes … Continue reading

Through My Window: Lithuania

I am still in Lithuania working on my project. I promise I will tell all about it soon! While working on my “Through My Window” project I felt like I had developed the habit to stay longer near the window and observe change of view there. Here you can see some photos from my stays … Continue reading