• Welcome and find something to help you to make your everyday life cozy and beautiful! I want to share with you some moments in my life. I want to show you some things I admire, stuff I create, ideas I have got. Enjoy!

    All the photos, if it is not stated otherwise, are made by Ice Beautiful. Feel free to use any of these images, just please give source credit and link back to Ice Beautiful. Thanks!


Wall Paper Deco. Ideas for Christmas Decoration

Few months ago my daughter became very interested in paper cutting and we had quite a collection of beautiful snowflakes of all colors and shape. I love paper cutting too. We decided not to hide this beauty rather to display it on the wall in my daughter’s room. We fixed the decorations to the wall … Continue reading


Carpentry Shop Revisited: Contrasts

Love observing and collecting strange images, unexpected angles and perspectives of everyday things: it makes me never stop being amazed by the beauty of the mundane. Few more pictures from the carpentry workshop again. Some contrasts this time.


Diplomas for Lithuanian Mother Tongue School

I have been doing some small graphic design stuff for Lithuanian Mother tongue School in Iceland. These were diplomas for the participants and winners of school logo contest.


Happy Halloween to Those Who Celebrating!

. . . and some last minute decoration ideas:


Happy Birthday to My Girl!

She is six, can you believe it? We just came back from the vacations in Lithuania. The weather is as good as it can be in Iceland – +14ºC (57ºF), sunny and warm. Do not laugh, it was really sunbathing day here today. Meanwhile in Lithuania it was getting way over +30ºC (86ºF) and it … Continue reading


Lithuanian Themed Friendship Bracelets

These friendship bracelets I made for Reykjavik Multicultural Day’s market. For these bracelets I used cotton yarn and colored wooden beads in the colors of Lithuanian flag and applied some weaving techniques used making waste bands for Lithuanian national costumes.


Happy Father’s Day

There is Father’s Day celebrated in Lithuania today. Happy Father’s Day for all incredible dads.

Linsmu Sventu Velyku 2014 1

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! As you see the weather is still quite . . . changing here in Iceland, so is my life. Take care and stay safe. At the parade: in the reality: and somewhere in the middle:    


Winter Skies

It is good sometimes to lift your head from the everyday rush to the beauty of the sky.  


Winter Water

It was a cold still-winter day in Kopavogur, the municipality attached to Reykjavik. Water was running from the mysterious pipe in the wall creating incredible ice sculpture. Wall winter water. More pictures here.